Healthy Reminder

Healthy Reminder reminds you to take your medication or supplements. If you forget to take your medication or supplements your emergency contact gets and email or text message alert. This app is great for people who take a lot of medication or supplements and forget to take them. That way there care taker, family member or loved one will get a email and text message alerting them that the user forgot to take their medication, vitamins or supplement

- Over 12 % of the population is 65 and older. The average senior citizen takes 8 different medications as well as herbal supplements. That is a lot to remember. The built in reminders will remind the user to take their medication/supplements throughout the day. If the user is away from there phone and forget to take there medication there emergency contact will be alerted through a text message and a email.

- A study looked at preventable ADEs in Medicare enrollees aged 65 and older and found an annual cost of $887 million for treating medication errors (users forgetting to take their medication)

An estimated 125,000 lives could be saved annually with better compliance (based on heart disease only: Smith, 1989).

-Altogether, patients' failure to take prescribed medication costs society about $100 billion annually (National Council on Patient Information & Education, 1995). Approximately $47 billion of this cost is associated with 8.8 million drug-related hospitalizations per year (Friend, 1995).The noncompliant patient's average cost per hospital admission is $2,150, in 1990 dollars (Col, Fanale, & Kronholm, 1990).